What kind of ballot was used by the people who travelled with Jonah?

What kind of ballot was used by the people who travelled with Jonah?

ANSWER: The Bible does not say which kind of ballot was cast there, whether it was a casting dice or that everyone wrote their own opinion and when they did it all seemed to be  focus on Jonah.

The biggest lesson we can learn is that …God can use any means to accomplish His purpose. He can use a formal or informal way.

For example, if you are a good student of the Bible you will find out that God gave David the whole kingdom of Israel through conspiracy.

God promised him to be king over all Israel and anointed him with the hands of the prophet Samuel sometimes back… but when the day came for that prophecy to be fulfilled, the king of Israel (David) did not get the kingdom by vote but by conspiracy. That is, the king of Saul’s son was conspired, and David came to power.

It was some people who were living in the King’s palace ambushed the king and killed him, and beheaded him.

and brought to David the head of the that king, and told him today that God has avenged your enemies. Although David did not approve their wickedness … but there was no way that the throne should be by someone else and that was none other than David  himself (read 2 Samuel 4: 5-12).

For when Israel saw their king killed there was no way not to make David the next king. And the prophecy of him being a king over all Israel came to pass.

Likewise, God can choose a person in any way whether formal or informal. And He can use anyone to accomplish His purpose, He can use even evil or just … whoever he wills.

If he wants to put someone in a position he can put him/her through the ballot or not through the ballot. Matthias was chosen by lot to be one of the 12 apostles of the Lord Jesus to take the place of Judas. But Peter and the other Apostles were not elected by vote/lot …And that did not make Matthias to be not one of the 12 apostles of Jesus.

So Jonah was chosen by lot to be punished by God. God could have shown the people the vision that Jonah was the source of the problem, but he did not choose that way … He could have sent an angel and appeared to them and told them that Jonah is the source of the problem but didn’t choose that way either.

Even in the election of school, village, local, or state leaders … all those who are elected and held the position, it is God himself who put them there … Whether they are set in a legitimate or illegal way such as voting  or not, that doesn’t matter. It is God who put them there.

(In the last day they will answer why they stole the ballot or why they were not honest in those positions).

All presidents in office are placed by God in their positions , whether they stole the ballot or did not steal it.

some for the purpose of like that of Pharaoh, some like of Jeroboam, some like of Nebuchadnezzar, some like of the king of Assyria, some like of king Manasseh, some like of king Hezekiah … Each one is placed there by God for a specific purpose …

The Lord bless you.

Maran atha!

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