Was Jesus White?

Was Jesus White?

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I have met a number of people who, if you try to tell them about the cross or the salvation brought by our Savior Jesus Christ, they say that the Lord Jesus was white, so they cannot follow the white man, nor the religion brought by the white man. They say “why don’t we Africans keep our beliefs, why are we imitating the things the whites brought to us? ..Why don’t we follow our own culture?, that is neo-colonialism? Why don’t we appreciate ourselves?.

This is a very big issue that confuses many people .. and it stems from a lack of confidence… Now before we go to our basic question above that asks “Was the Lord Jesus white or not!” let us first consider the following logics.

Someone who argues that “we should not follow anything brought by white” but to maintain our own… then he should reject everything brought by those western people without exceptions… including the phone he uses, not to use it anymore…the clothes he wears he/she should not wear anymore (because even the clothes they wear are made by the same industries invented by so called whites) .. so he should continue to wear his traditional clothing that the ancient Africans used to wear..

He should also not live in modern houses that has electricity, because even the construction system is from the same ones he calls whites and electricity as well, he should not also use toothpaste, iron, he should not use even a tractor to plow, he should not watch TV, he should not also use a gas stove, or a pan, and should not own a car or any fire truck because they are all brought by the same white people, if he wants to travel from one city to another he has to use a donkey…

And he must not go to any hospital or use any kind any modern and ultimately medical treatment… he/she should not send his children to school…. If all that he has succeeded in stopping using them then he will not be a hypocrite to reject the Faith brought by whites… but if he cannot stop using all the above items and instead he loves them,  then he will be a HYPOCRITE to reject the faith brought by white people! For so reason.

Now, after we have considered this, let us go further….

It is an indisputable fact that the Christian faith entered Africa through missionaries from European countries…The missionaries were not Africans but white people…. Whichever way they came here, but in the end we know that it was God’s plan for them to come here to bring the News of the Savior.

Now the basic question to ask yourself is where did these Europeans missionaries get this Christian faith?…

If you are reading the Bible you will already have the answer that the Christian faith has its source in the Nation of Israel. The nation of Israel was the only nation that God chose to be the beginning of the fulfillment of His purpose on earth… So that alone was God’s chosen nation… and the rest of the nations of the world were called “NATIONS”, generally represented groups of nations from all over the world except Israel itself, and these NATIONS did not worship the one and true God of heaven and earth (Jehovah)… Only one Nation worshiped the God of heaven and earth according to His will!… and that is the Nation of Israel.

And the Israelites were not white people!… They were very close to the “Arabs”.

So if you know the human race well, you can tell the difference between white and Arab in appearance!, they are not the same, and even the Arabs are not as white as white people from Europe and far west! And they don’t have blue eyes like whites people!, and their hair is black and not gold as Europeans!….

Now our Savior Jesus Christ was born in Israel, so in appearance he was like the Israelites… And the Israelites were not strong and progressive people when the Savior lived in the world, that is why you will see that when Christ was on earth, the Romans (who were now white people) ruled over Israel. And God made Israel weak to the point of domination, because of their sins of and rebelled against Him. Thus they did not have any remarkable development compared to other white nations like Rome and Greece.

Now back to our question .. “Was Jesus white?” .. You will have found the answer according to the above description. HE WAS NOT WHITE but a man of the Nation of Israel.. Examples of whites people at the age of Jesus were Pilate and  Herod who were the Romans.

Now how did these white people come to believe in the Lord Jesus who was not white as them?…

You can find such information in history, but in a short, they were also introduced to Jesus, just as we were to. The apostles such as Paul and Peter who were Jews preached the gospel arround the globe. Those who received it properly knew well that they too were Gentiles who did not deserve to be called God’s people but through one Redeemer Jesus Christ were included in that grace..which was only for the Israelites!

So as White people received the gospel from Jews, they also brought to us Africans, because in Africa it was very dark, people were worshiping idols and superstitions… .and in this last days, things have changed, it is time for Africa now to take the Gospel back to the white people,  because their home is now rotten, the generation that trusted God has gone and now has merged up a generation of ungodly people, their home is the hub of gay people, blasphemous people, naked people walking on the streets shamelessly. So the gospel is much needed now for whites people More than for Africans live in Africans, as they brought it to us it is time now for us to lead them to repentance, to believe in the Savior.

Therefore, brethren, never dwell on the issue of the salvation of our Savior Jesus Christ and the “Color” The God of Israel is not racist and is worshiped by people of all races… in order to be God of heaven and earth he must be available to all people… If you see you worship God found only in Africa, or only found in Europe!… then that is proof enough that he is not the true God of heaven and earth..Because the true God of the whole world must be worshiped and proclaimed worldwide by people of all races!.

And do not forget this Savior Jesus Christ, died, rose and ascended to heaven and will return a second time, so if you have heard the gospel and still do not believe in Him, or thought that if you believed in Him you would be fulfilling the wishes of white people, or colonizers! ..

Change your mentality from now on!… judgment is coming!, so repent today if you have not repented, as well as be baptized so that your sins may be taken away and the Lord will give you the gift of His Holy Spirit who will help you overcome sin and help you understand things you did not understand about Him.

The Lord Bless us.

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