Is it sin to read the Bible on the phone or tablet?

Is it sin to read the Bible on the phone or tablet?

QUESTION: Is it sin to read the Bible on the phone or tablet at church? or to use it for preaching at the altar?.

ANSWER: To find the right answer to this question, let’s move on and ask the school teacher, Is it okay for him to teach his students using a tablet or phone?… Or is it better for his students to follow what he teaches using their phones or tablets and not books?.

For any teacher who knows his responsibilities he will never be able to allow his student to come in with a phone while he is teaching, no matter what material the phone will have for their teachings..and he himself cannot teach his students by phone. He will allow his students to use their tablets, or their phones, or an ipad or computer after school (at home) or if the subject he wants to teach his students is very much related to those devices (May be computer studies or whatever).

And the purpose of doing so is not that the phone is bad, no!..but because phones have so many features that it’s easy to distract a student attention from the studies, because when a teacher teaches on front, a message might come in, or the phone may rings, or it may suddenly shuts down, sometimes it stacks etc … Unlike a book, the book does not have the interaction of many things that can divert one’s attention. One cannot read a book and suddenly it shut down, or pop up  messages. That is why to this day reading using a book has remained the best and most effective way for students.

And in the church it is so, the Church is more than secular schools and classrooms. The person who enters there goes to study or teach Heavenly Education, which is the greatest of all knowledge, so great care is needed for both the one who is going to teach and the one who is going to learn. So the bible written in the book is the best way and will remain so until the end. Someone who teaches by telephone or who enters a church with a lighted phone or tablet, still does not know who he is going to look for, nor does he know the value of God’s Word.

Now it’s not that the use of biblical phone and Tablet and Computer is bad! Not bad, it is good in the specific area, but not in the church.

In the same way you can be at work or on the street and meet someone and witness to him/her the gospel,  and in that place you do not have a bible to quote scriptures, then you can use the bible on your phone or Tablet or your ipad, to witness or refer the scriptures. But the church is a classroom, not an earthly class but a heavenly one, so we need a Book of Life called the HOLY BIBLE.

The Lord bless you.

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