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 Matthew 17:21 [But this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.]

There are things that can never happen without fasting. Children, there is still another extra work… will have to, abstain from eating, abstain from roaming the streets… refrain from playing with friends..so he does not lose the heat, otherwise if he is careless the eggs will be gloomy..and all the birds in the sky are the same, there is a time when they will have to leave the sky a little, lock themselves inside laying their eggs. and not only the fast of fasting is needed to create something new… but also the fast of Life…

For example in order for a student to do well in his exams… he has to close certain doors… he will go to boarding school (there is already a prison) .. he will stay there even 6 months without even leaving outside the school fence, away from his parents and siblings, and his street friends  it’s just like a chicken in a cage, not only that, it will force him to stop using the phone, TV, stop watching these or other dramas, movies, he should stop wandering completely, he will have to live every day of his academic life to serve education..he will wake up early in the morning, he will be late for bed… Now he does that so he doesn’t lose the heat, Because he knows if he holds two or more things at the same time… he will not succeed… the same title filling the drama, movies and music and at the same time lessons… WILL NOT succeed!…

So it is better to leave one and follow the other… And most of all he is happy to tolerate bad school foods until he graduates just to get what he is looking for… Likewise… and in Faith… we have to shut down some things in order to GET THE BEST!…

 You will say that all these years I have failed to overcome immorality… it is because you have not decided to give it up in your life… you have not closed some doors yet!… Why can some survivors why you fail you have not closed those doors of immorality… there are still parasites that motivate you to continue to be what you are… and so it is none other than the company you have, or the pictures you look at, or the conversations you always have with adulterous content, or the networks you visit, or the person you live with… Like if you really fast and you mean to seek the face of God… those things will never drive you !!…

Why don’t you understand God’s Word when you read it and you are saved?… It’s just the attitude you have, you will see he just opens the book and reads the topic in the middle of the book, then he complains he doesn’t understand… now how will he understand? .. and when the first topics were taught in class he was playing out there while his classmates were reading?… In the same way, how will you understand the book of Jeremiah when the bible classes taught in the churches do not attend? .

 You have never even read the book of Genesis alone and finished it… A quiet morning or evening when you would have to sit down with your own diligence to read the Bible… is that when you open whatsapp and facebook?, read the World News ??… and then complain you don’t understand the word ?…

I tell you the truth the bible is the easiest book to understand if only we, we will decide to obey God and focus on reading his Word diligently… because the Holy Spirit is there to help us understand it, so the task becomes much easier… but if you don’t take the time to read your own Word, at least starting from the book of Genesis, you will stop, read it step by step..without relying on someone to teach you… you will find your understanding becoming very fast… and PRODUCING SOMETHING NEW IN LIFE. but if you cultivate the habit of not reading the Word diligently, you will not produce anything…

So close today the things that you have left the door open in your Life, that keep you from wearing anything new… Korean, Nigerian, Filipino, Indian and Indian movies and movies!… Are things that take away the heat of your spiritual life. The spirit of the eggs you were craving is getting colder and darker… Because we are created we cannot hold two things at the same time. Have you ever heard people say “Let me watch some drama and lose my mind or let me watch a movie or a ball and lose my mind or reduce stress?”….

Have you ever wondered why they associate it with the word “relieve stress or reduce stress”?….it’s because it’s true when they go to look at those things they cause the thing that had entered their hearts to disappear, so if they continue to enjoy it for a while then finally the thing that was hurting their head is swallowed up by the entertainment… .just as if a person had come out to read the Word well and understand it… that is the seed being sown in it….but now when he goes out and goes to watch comics, or balls, or movies, or dramas all the time or attends a non-trivial party, little by little what is planted in him begins to sink… .even if he doesn’t like it! it will just disappear! .. and after a while he will find himself completely forgotten….

So we have a serious responsibility to protect what God has put in us so that we can find what we are looking for. Remember the Bible and this Word.

“This kind does not come except by prayer and fasting.” These are the last days. let’s move on to a better and more successful end. Because the Bible says .. “I am coming soon. Hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown. (Revelation 3:11) ”…

The Lord bless us

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