Blessed be the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is a grace that the Lord has given us to see the sun again today, almost meditating on the Scriptures together. as we know we are living in the last days, and with each passing minute the closer we get to the end…

So just today we have already reduced one more day, out of the few that remain before us, to reach that end. However, the Bible warns us that one of the signs of Christ’s second coming is the increase in REBELLION and KNOWLEDGE. Today we will not talk much about the increase in knowledge, if you would like to know about it then you will send us an inbox message to send us a lesson. but today we will look at the rise of REBELLION, (Matthew 24:12) where we will learn something very important.

And I also advise you before reading this lesson, take a moment to review the previous lesson before this one that says “Don’t say, Why are the old days gone by these days? for is it not wisdom that thou hast asked? because it has so much to do with what we are going to learn today.

If you think about today’s life you can say, it is better and yesterday and yesterday than today as the rebellion is increasing… The love of many is growing, murder is increasing, hatred is growing, hatred, selfishness, theft, immorality and all kinds of filth, is increasing… All of this is a sign of Christ’s second coming, but the question is, why should the sign of evil be a sign of Jesus’ return, and not a sign of good, that is, why the Lord Jesus would not say before His return?.

The answer is that at the time of Christ’s return, (shortly before the appearance of the clouds), the level of holiness of the saints will be very high. Brother, when you see that the sins are too much, know that in some cases the good is too much… Then he will be doing good on a large scale. many do not see this thinking that because there is so much sin in this age then there are absolutely no people who please God.

Don’t forget that all the time (Evil being high is a sign of holiness also being high). if you see that there is a great revolt in a certain city the sun on the other side in the same city there are perfect or perfect of a very large scale. when God was displeased with the revolt of Sodom and Gomorrah, at the same time God was very pleased with a man named Abraham, whom we now call the Father of Faith.

If you see the world getting more and more corrupt now, the sun is a sign that there are saints in some places who are increasingly purifying themselves. If you see right now there are a lot of women walking half-naked on the street, and even going to church like that… don’t think they’re all there… celestial standards.When you see there is a wave of false prophets..it is a matter of fear and not of laughter and contempt, because that is a sign that there are true servants of God. the bible says in the last days all the tares and wheat will be ripe. Even ordinary life teaches us

Although in recent years people in the world seem to be weaker, and diseases increase and capacity decreases… but if you follow the record, you will find that they are still broken every year. the fastest man lives in our age where people eat poorly, people have a lot of diseases . but in the middle of a generation where people are weak will there be people who are the Mightiest in history? and in Faith it is so…

In the midst of the extreme wickedness of the world, the Lord has His faithful people, in the time of King Ahab where his wife Jezebel made Israel so magical that all the prophets were killed, but somewhere was Elijah the Tishbite, and so on. that It is not enough that there were also 7,000 other prophets who did not bow down to Baal in the city, which the Lord had set up, so this brother is not the time to say aaah! the world is all ruined, so I have to be evil… or aaah these days there are no saints so there is no need for me to also purify myself..everywhere and for Everybody.

Remember this word.

Ecclesiastes 7:10 “Say not thou, What is the cause that the former days were better than these? For it is not wise to ask that word ”.

May the Lord help us to open our eyes … and to purify ourselves. As long as that day is approaching

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