The most tragic mistake you could ever make in this life is to reduce the time you spend in prayer. You would rather spend short periods within doing the things that seem more important than cutting short the time you’ve always spent praying. Do not give up praying. If you pray less, you become an easy prey for Satan. He will invade your life and cause a great damage

The Lord Jesus told his disciples the secret of resisting and overcoming temptation. He said, “Watch and pray, that ye not enter into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak,“(Matthew 26:41). The Lord knew that our enemy the devil was and is always hunting us even in small things. This is why he said, “And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.”Satan has a problem with our hairs and every part of the body. Even the corpse of a human is valuable to him! He seeks to bring harm over us, but our hairs are kept safe so that of won’t be used by the devil.

The Devil would seek that you be killed in accident or be injured by cutting a part of your body. At other times he will either send you a flue/cold so that you uncomfortable or he will cause you to contract a deadly disease like HIV. We therefore need to be alert and pray so that God delivers us from such temptations.

A prayerful person gives the devil a hard time to gain a foothold in an area of their life. But in case one isn’t committed to pray, flood waters of illnesses, abuse, conflicts among others will assail them. For instance, if you are an employee, you may find yourself in conflict with those at your place of work. Whatever plans you had made so that the business runs smoothly fail. You would leave for job while in good health but you return home when you are seriously sick. And the worst of all is when you are tempted to betray or disown your faith. This is a challenge and we must continue steadfastly in prayer because the devil seems to attack at our most vulnerable moments.

A short while before Jesus’ arrest, he told his disciples to keep watch with him and pray so that they could not fall into temptation. But they didn’t pay attention to his words. About three hours later, before cockcrow, they woke up and saw a crowd of soldiers armed with swords and clubs. Some of them ran away and a young man who was following Jesus fled naked, leaving him alone. When the moment of temptation had come, Peter, who was following Jesus, could not resist the devil. Why? Because he had not prayed for strength and deliverance from temptations. He ended up disowning Jesus three times and denied that he knew him.

Unless we become prayerful Christians, the same fate could befall us too. One morning you may wake up to find a message from people demanding that you bribe them if your right should be granted. But for a prayerful person, God will deliver them from such temptation so that you’re granted justice without engaging into bribery

When you see you can no longer pray for a long time, beware that you’re backsliding. Another sign that you’ve backslide is when you can’t spend long periods in reading the Word. Prayer is likened to that event in which the Israelite were fighting against their enemies. During the war, Moses’ lifted his hands and the Israelite struck down their enemies. As soon as he put his hands down, the enemies won. In the same way, when we lift our hearts and hands to God in prayer, he releases his power to strengthen and give us victory over the enemy. And we can fend off the fiery darts of the wicked one.

Don’t cease to pray. Biblically, we are commanded to spend at least one hour in prayer. if you can spend 3-4

hours the better. Remember, praying is not just saying the Lord’s Prayer or the short prayers we make before taking our meals. As an individual, commit to pray and be in touch with God at all times.

Since the devil has a problem with our bodies and is always working day and night to bring us down, let’s be watchful in prayer. Make good use of chance moments. If you had backslide, make things right and let prayer be a priority in your life.

Have you given your life to Christ? If not, accept his forgiveness by confessing your sins to him today.We live in the end times…And he will return soon.

God bless you

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