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Welcome to study the Bible, and remind yourself of what we have already learned. The only thing that God’s people should fear most of our time now is sin… We should not be afraid of demons or witches or the devil himself. The first thing we need to fear is sin.

Because sin is the door to all these other things.

So with all our might and effort we must avoid sin. And we avoid sin by fleeing from sin. That means you leave it at all costs.

Help is a person who helps you to do something that you have already taken the initiative to do… he is not a doer..but he is a strengthening aid to what you have already begun to do.

So when we are saved and receive the Holy Spirit in us yake .No that is not his job at all… His job is to help us how to overcome sin! .. he gives us advice, he gives us every reason why now we should not do this bad thing and do this good .. It dies suddenly, and then we find ourselves sitting without sinning. And the more you practice obedience to Him in you, the more sins that die in you.

It is normal for something you do not practice for a long time to forget and lose the experience of the thing (the act of losing the experience of what you were doing is to die in the thing). The experience is diminished and eventually ends completely and you become DEAD TO SIN!.

So you because the hatred of sin you can’t even practice any more such as adultery, abusing, theft, corruption and you can’t even hate anyone.

The big problem comes to many people is they don’t understand the function of the Holy Spirit in us and so we think when the Spirit comes into us as a dictator, who will destroy them and force us not to sin. And because people think so they find themselves receiving the Spirit and letting go and then they find themselves overwhelmed with sin and thus continue a life of sin..and wonder how others can and they fail.

I want to tell you that once you have decided to follow the Lord Jesus by repenting of your sins, which the Spirit testifies in you that you are lost in them and therefore forsake them. The next step after that is to obey Him. And you do not obey him simply by saying, “I have obeyed the LORD.” No that is just the beginning of obedience..You must obey him in ACTION.

What this means is that if you were to commit a certain sin you would STOP it!.

Youdo not seek advice from anyone, you stop it with all your mind, all your strength, and all your soul. Nor do you need to be prayed for.

For example let’s take one example of how to stop the sin of adultery and then we will conclude. The sin of adultery which includes adultery, homosexuality, homosexuality, and even pornography and masturbation . This sin does not come from a person by intercession !! .. There is no such thing as prayer! free. So dear brethren do not waste time doing research that you have already been helped to will go around and around and at the end of the day you will be right back. The solution to stopping the sin of fornication is to RUN AWAY! .. To flee from it means to voluntarily leave that fornication.

What this means is that if you were living with a woman / man with whom you were committing adultery it is RUNNING AWAY! And Cutting Practices!… If he calls you on the phone just tell him once you are saved and so we should repent of all that we have been doing and return to God.

If you see he does not understand you save yourself do not look back and do not feel sorry, do not receive his calls,… Do not start talking to him while you are still meeting to meet and talk talk, he is looking for you on the phone do not answer a single message, even crying with blood your soul and her, by fleeing immorality if possible block that number… Do not talk to her or him at all.

The Example of Joseph. Potiphar’s wife became jealous of Joseph, and when he found out, he stopped talking to Potiphar’s wife.

Genesis 39:10 “And it came to pass, as she spake to Joseph day by day, that he hearkened not unto her, to lie by her, or to be with her.”

How do you say you want to stop committing adultery and still talk and respond to messages from people you are committing adultery with? in it on your Tv that only provokes adultery and nothing else? bottles of beer in you, and you still eat at the same table with your drunken companies ?.

And all other sins are the same… the remedy to stop them is RUN AWAY !!… Get out! Some sins so that you can avoid them cost you to move even where you are, move to the street .. move another..That is the cost of forsaking sin!.Those are the costs of obeying the Holy Spirit.

If you do not want to run away like that and seek intercession, or the laying on of hands, it’s just so easy… You will find yourself being prayed for by everyone and even being put in other evil spirits even more than you have now. Your daily situation will only get worse because you did not have enough knowledge!.

Brethren you have heard / read will not say that day you are not told… if you will obey the Holy Spirit today, then He Himself will make sure He helps you fulfill your resolutions..but also if you do not obey the decision it is yours. But I hope you will obey, and the Lord will help you. So if you are not saved or if you are lukewarm, you are in danger of being vomited so before you are vomited let’s make quick changes.

Obey the Holy Spirit today by forcibly forsaking sin. Lord Jesus according to Acts 2:38, and the Holy Spirit who has begun a good work in your heart will help you to do what you alone were hard to accomplish, and sin for you will not be difficult to overcome because the yoke of Christ is always soft. happiness, and indescribable peace, and you will always see where you were to enter into Christ… with the joy you will find and happiness..and sin will not be a thing of the past.

The Lord bless you.

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