Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Welcome to the study of God’s Word.

As most of us know that there is no salvation outside of Jesus Christ, nor is there any Life without Jesus Christ. as the Apostle Paul wrote by the power of the Spirit that ‘Death came through one man (Adam)… so life will be by the same means of one man (who is Christ)’.

Therefore He alone is the right and proven way to reach God. All other ways apart from Him are lost, no matter how many followers they have.

When the Lord Jesus was on earth, He spoke in many parables, all with the aim of making man understand God’s plan for His life. bible, becauseif all the things he did were written individually… the Bible says that even the world would not be enough for so many books (John 21:25).

But we see that after his departure he came again to speak to the Apostle John in a vision, when he was on the island of Patmos and gave him an example of how he always comes to his people he told him…

Revelation 3:20 ‘‘ Behold, I stand at the door and knock; If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me”.

The parable the Lord Jesus gave to show His coming to man is like a stranger… This coming is not to take the church… because the coming to come to take the church said it would be like the coming of a thief… those who are his and leave… .yes for when the rapture passes not everyone will know… So there is a time when the Lord Jesus will come as a stranger and there is a time when He will come as a thief.

Now in this example..he says look I’m standing at the door knocking! Knocking means knocking on the door while making a certain sound like hodii..hodii means heloo.. heloo !! That’s what it means to knock! here the Lord says I stand and knock, and then he says if a person hears his voice and opens the door he will enter… this means that one can hear his voice and not open it… or the person may not hear his voice at all  perhaps because he is asleep or due to internal discomfort. yes the house being loud (perhaps the noise of music or people).

And when you enter you will see him say… ‘I will eat with him and he with me’… now think about it carefully, he does not say we will eat together no !… But he says I will eat with him… and he with me… meaning that when he was knocking he came with his food, he did not come empty handed… so the person who opened it will find him with his food… and so each will share with the other what he has prepared.

now if you go inside More to meditate on this example you will see that it refers to the evening time… our Kiswahili language is not self-sufficient in many words… but if you read other translations such as the English or Greek you will understand well that it is evening when the Lord went to knock on the door evening supper. So in that parable the Lord comes knocking at the door in the evening… with his food, he has not come to eat or eat people’s food for nothing! but it is for the benefit of us. And he will come in the evening, these are the evening times, the end of the end of the world brother.

and as we know the character of a stranger when he knocks, he does not knock continuously as if he is forcing the door to open… but you will see him knocking a little bit in order and then he calms down a bit, seeing he is not heard he will repeat again a little after a while quite the answer maybe the person who is fast asleep can’t hear he won’t break the door he will leave he will come back later or he will come back another time… then he will leave and never return… because he knows he is not needed in that place, and that is how Christ strikes our hearts today, He will send you preachers where you are, begging you to open your heart and let Him in when you obey him he will come in, and the things that he has brought to you  will not believe your eyes to see but if you know very well that this is Christ calling me through the sermon, and that this is His very voice and you are deliberately not opening it to Him… then He will leave and that Grace will go to others.

Brothers and sisters, do not be deceived into believing that you will repent in old age. This group is often the group that has never had the opportunity to know the basics of the Christian Faith, those people who were born into pagan families, or families of non-religious people, and do not know Christ at all… these are either asleep or in the noise of the world so much so that they cannot hear the voice of the Lord the Lord will raise his voice until they hear. They will have the greatest Grace. But for some who have been born into Christianity from infancy, have been thoroughly preached about the cross, and fully understand the voice of Jesus when it calls, and others until they have seen the Lord in a vision, and have been given certain signs never to return again. Many do not like to hear this but this is exactly what the scriptures say.

Matthew 23:37 ‘‘ O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks together under her wings, but you would not!

38 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.

  39 For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

He told them “you will never see me again”. This Word is very strong and it hurts… “to be separated from God forever” is not better for us to be separated from men than for God… It is better for all human beings to hate and separate me but not God, it is better for me to be separated from all human beings but not God.

Just think today Christ is telling you these words ‘YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME AGAIN NOW’ !!!… …

Today when you hear these words on the internet, and you still do not want to give up sin and the world, remember it was not God’s plan for you to hear His gospel through this network ..

His plan was the same day when you first heard the gospel when you were preached by someone with a bible in your hand you would believe, there was no reason for you to come and hear the gospel again here …… but because your heart was hard, that’s why he followed you through this other internet. to have absolutely sure you hear his voice, but you despise it..maybe this is his last voice to you, hear you open it, lest he tell you as he said to the Jews ‘YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME AGAIN ’… .Now these words were spoken by the same Christ who said ‘come to me all of you’ .there he says ‘you will never see me again’  elsewhere he says ‘come out of me’.

When you say to the Lord that I repent of all my sins, and intend not to commit them again, I repent completely and with all your migh the will speak to you and when the time comes to eat he will open to you his treasures which he has brought to you as a member together, he will give you all the physical and spiritual blessings, and he will teach you his words of life. you will have hope for the present and for the future.

But if you do not want to, he will leave you, and one day he will come as a thief, in that day he will come to you only but he will come to the whole world, he will break the door and steal his wives inside, and take them to heaven, while the fire will burn. do not desire the presence of the great tribulation. REACH REPENT TODAY!

It is my prayer that you will act on what you have heard.

May the Lord bless you, and share this thing with others so that they too may be healed like you

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